Daily Review 3/12/2021

Reading– Just finished Orphan Train. Finished it in two days, partly because I enjoyed it .and partly because it was due back at the library in 2 days! I had no idea Orphan Trains were a thing I  enjoyed the character of Vivian but wished the author explored Molly’s character more in-depth! Just started A Promised Land by Barack Obama!

Watching– Love Life on HBO max. Anna Kendrick is one of my favorite actresses.

Eating– Ordered some Chinese veggie Udon noodles from Won Wok. Pretty good for local Chinese in Utah. I miss Peking Duck in Chinatown in Philadelphia. Chinese is not the same here! Also obsessed with making Vegan eggrolls with Delicou!. They are so cheap to make and so tasty. No shady ingredients either! Caved in on some late-night snacking with watermelon sour patch kids ( I let them sit in my mouth for a while till the sugar dissolves, so unhealthy yes but in the end, it’s a long sweet snack) and a few dark chocolate Reeses miniatures. I adore peanut butter!

Animal Love I think Buddy, our cat, is stressed. He started scratching things. My hubby wants to get him declawed, but I just don’t want to do it! I’ve bought some scratching pads off Amazon and covered them with catnip. I’ve also made a homemade citrus spray ( lavender and orange essential oils mixed with water) I ordered some soft paws which look like cat nail polish but are silicone covers that go on top of their nails to prevent scratching. I am not excited about putting them on him….. to be continued…

Working on– Going to bed at the same time every night! My sleep schedule is terrible!

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Pexels.com


Reading– Just finished Defending Jacob! Really good ending and really good story. Can’t wait to watch the movie to compare. Next book: Orphan Train!

Veganism- Delicou chicken burgers and homemade fries in my new Instapot/Airfyer duo ( I’m obsessed with this machine. Another fav-Chao cheese-ah ma zing!

Watching– Season 3 Banshee on HBO MAX. We’ve been bingewatching this and can’t get enough!

Fitness– Control Freak! Short sweet and the ab workouts are on point!

Amazon Buy-BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner, 2694, Blue. Can’t wait for this to arrive!

Photo by Ann Nekr on Pexels.com

Daily Review March 7,2021

Today was supposed to be my rest day but I decided that I didn’t want to be lazy today so I decided to Cycle for an hour.

Motivational Music Playlist– Crazy Train -Ozzy Osbourne, Bawitha and Cowboy- Kid Rock  Evanescence- The Game is Over, Under Pressure-David Bowie, Fat Bottomed Girls-Queen and then I wasted a lot of time searching for classic rock on the Itunes music app. I was just thinking how I remember purchasing and spending so much money on music before Apple had their library music subscription. I love music. It can really change my mood and motivation. There have been times where I have not worked out because I didn’t have headphones. I had even run to the dollar store knowing that they don’t have Bluetooth earbuds, but checking anyway. I am guilty of purchasing really shitty headphones( Kodak makes headphones, who knew?) at the closest store just because I wanted to workout.

Being healthy

My water intake was an improvement (drank 3 hydro flasks worth). Yes, I will make it a goal to drink more tomorrow and I probably will not achieve that goal. Tomorrow is another day. Sigh


Went to Costco to pick up a prescription but did not realize the pharmacy wasn’t open Sunday, so instead of listening to the voice in my head that said,  “save money you don’t need anything”, I grabbed a cart. I did restrain myself on purchasing socks ( this month’s goal was to throw out all the socks and buy the same brand because of the sock issue in our house)  and only because of that voice in my head saying,” you don’t need to throw away all the socks today”, I grabbed some produce and then searched the aisles for some cool new food. I like to buy shit we don’t need! (another thing I’m working on)  I ended up buying healthy nutritious veggie burgers. There was no bad labeling or preservatives and it tasted kinda good, kinda not. I needed to buy some quick meals for the girls because they keep telling me that I have been starving them since becoming a vegan.  I love Costco’s chicken and rice bowls and grabbed some nuggets. I went up the aisles like five times looking for frozen french fries. I kept thinking that they have to be there somewhere- who doesn’t sell frozen french fries? Didn’t find them. I grabbed some peanut butter chocolate plant protein (Costco’s brand is the best and reasonably priced) and a bag of pistachios because Woody and I had an hour conversation about them last night.

Work, School, Homelife and Fun

I spent two hours on lessons for Delaney this week. Homeschooling is like planning for a whole class just to have one student complete the work. I miss teaching and sometimes I don’t! I am so thankful for teacher-pay products. We also use Time for Learning which I love! They make life a little easier.

I am currently watching Banshee on HBO max and reading Defending Jacob. I am also  researching what to do with a vanilla bean and the difference between dark and clear vanilla extract (just spent fifty dollars to support someone’s marching band and don’t know why I said give me one of each?

Goals for the week:

 Practice guitar, 5 days of Spanish, online programs. Walk or run with the dog for at least 20 minutes. Go through boxes in the basement and garage. Make a sell/donate pile. Paint mirror from the thrift store. Make a new recipe. Stretch and Meditate at night. Find somewhere to volunteer. Delete pictures and junk on phone and computer. Clear tabs on the phone. Throw out socks. Drink more water.


Loving-Silicon Vally on HBO, Espresso Tequila with cream, My new robo vacuum

Liking- Essential oils diffuser- lavendar and peppermint for a refreshing scent!

Listening– HAIM

Reading– Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

Watching– Silicon Valley HBO, YOU, Season Two on Netflix

Eating- Peanut butter filled pretzels

Learning- Spanish on Rosetta Stone

Working on- Being consistent in a routine, getting back into intermittent fasting, cooking something other than the same old dishes!

Disliking- Recent weight gain!

Fab Favs

Loving –Our new savannah kitten Buddy. He is so awesome and cool!  He gets into everything!My hubby wants me to practice walking him on a leash?!! Yeah okay! I can’t stop referring to him as a she though!

Listening– Otis Redding. His voice is so amazing.It makes you want to get up dance and belt out his tunes.

Reading– Gillian Flynn “Dark Places” So excited to read this one! I am a big fan of Gone Girl.

Watching Binge watching Girl Boss on Netflix. I love her attitude and she’s so fun- I want to secretly act like her but I don’t have the nerve.

Eating- Harvest snaps tasty sugar snap peas. I can eat a whole bag in one sitting and I don’t really feel guilty about it because its veggies right?

Learning- Meditation. It is so difficult for me to quiet my thoughts! This is definitely a work in progress.

Working on- My bullet journal!

Disliking- Having to put my password into my phone constantly to open it!

Bullet Journal

I just started my very first bullet journal and I love it!! I’ve always had journals, diaries, to do lists etc. I just find this type of journaling so fun and even calming! It does take time to work in it and set it up but I really enjoy doing it! I love looking for designs, pinning designs, stickers, coloring and drawing and by no means am I ANY type of artist! I think it just allows creativity and puts everything in one place.  Hopefully this hobby lasts! I am known for sure throwing myself completely and obsessively into things and then just like that I couldn’t be bothered! Here’s a video of my bujo on you tube! Tell

Me whatcha think?!