Fab Favs

Loving –Our new savannah kitten Buddy. He is so awesome and cool!  He gets into everything!My hubby wants me to practice walking him on a leash?!! Yeah okay! I can’t stop referring to him as a she though!

Listening– Otis Redding. His voice is so amazing.It makes you want to get up dance and belt out his tunes.

Reading– Gillian Flynn “Dark Places” So excited to read this one! I am a big fan of Gone Girl.

Watching Binge watching Girl Boss on Netflix. I love her attitude and she’s so fun- I want to secretly act like her but I don’t have the nerve.

Eating- Harvest snaps tasty sugar snap peas. I can eat a whole bag in one sitting and I don’t really feel guilty about it because its veggies right?

Learning- Meditation. It is so difficult for me to quiet my thoughts! This is definitely a work in progress.

Working on- My bullet journal!

Disliking- Having to put my password into my phone constantly to open it!


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